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Society wants to to build a 21st-century school system
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Past events
27th march 2019
Education Week 2019 broadens its educational propositions
One of the main new features of the forthcoming edition of EDUCATION WEEK is that the RED Educational Innovation Congress will focus on this occasion on Training in STE(A)M Skills: Science and Technology.
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22nd november 2018
Teaching in the Third Millennium
8th ACADE Infant School and Centre Convention, where the convention represents an exclusive context for entrepreneurs and educational leaders to gather and share experiences
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13th november 2018
SIMO Education is already in its fifth edition
Under the slogan “Innovating in Education to transform the world”, the event brings together leading brands for technology and digital content for the classroom
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29th september 2018
The 7th Educational Innovation Congress - ENAP
Because schooling is changing and some have yet to realise it
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21st september 2018
The 2nd International Educational Innovation Congress
The congress focuses mainly on transforming spaces, managing feelings and educational innovation
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18th september 2018
Cycle of Education, Art and Children's and Young People's Literature
The 2018 edition of our famous and acclaimed event. You are all invited!
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6th september 2018
Presentation of "Todas las palabras son tuyas" ("All the words are yours")
Free entry
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30th august 2018
Education for a changing world
Set Veintiuno creating community
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28th august 2018
Moderna Compartilha Leaders Congress
A live project to empower schools. Moderna Brasil gathered together more than 200 school headteachers on 27 August.
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24th august 2018
Relive the 7th Educational Innovation Congress of Santillana Compartir Argentina
The approach to achieve dreams has been reinvigorated with MakerLab
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6th august 2018
Schools in the 21st century: challenges and opportunities
Relive your memories of the 2018 6th Leadership Congress
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20th july 2018
23rd edition of the Peruvian book fair, which this year features Spain as its guest of honour.
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20th july 2018
CLIL Santillana-Richmond is the patron of the "Hands-on Science" international congress, devoted to science from the perspective of education.
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26th june 2018
13th Latin American Education Forum “21st Century Skills. When the future is today.”
Presentation of the Basic Document prepared by Dr. Mariana Maggio, Director of the Master's course in Educational Technology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (UBA)
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14th june 2018
8th Santillana International Congress Peru 2018
TRANSFORMING SCHOOLING INTO THE FUTURE: "Not everything gets solved at first go"
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17th april 2018
5th International Congress of Science and Technology Teachers
Workshops on research and teaching STEM
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12th april 2018
The Fundación Santillana presents the book "Sistemas educativos decentes" ("Decent educational systems"), coordinated by Mariano Jabonero and Fernando Rey
On Monday 9 April, the candidate for the position of Secretary General of the Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI, the Organization of Ibero-American States), Mariano Jabonero, and the head of the Department of Education at the Regional Government of Castilla y León, Fernando Rey, took part in the presentation of the book "Sistemas educativos decentes".
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4th april 2018
Santillana kicks off Arts Month by sponsoring a school reading competition
Secondary school and Baccalaureate level children from schools in the Madrid Autonomous Community have recorded their reading and have posted the recordings on the website for the "Modern reading of the classics" reading competition.
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26th march 2018
2018 Bolonia International Children's and Young People's Book Fair
A 20,000 square metre venue, devoted to children's and young people's literature, to be relished by publishers, authors, illustrators, distributors and other guests.
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22nd march 2018
Keys to innovating inside the classroom
Researching in the classroom is the key to improving and transforming what we do each day as teachers, coordinators and principals.
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22nd march 2018
Presentation of the New Educational Schedule for Latin America: "the goals for 2030" in Chile
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16th march 2018
The Vivalectura Award 2018, open for entries
The Vivalectura Award 2018 has been declared of cultural interest by the Argentinian Ministry of Culture.
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16th march 2018
9th UNOi Leadership Congress
Designing Futures and New Narratives
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13th march 2018
2000 Románticos
The 3rd 2000 Románticos Young People's Terror Stories Competition and the 1st 2000 Románticos Young People's Terror Comic Competition.
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7th march 2018
Presentation of the book "Una amistad en juego" #Loqueleo Colombia
We look forward to seeing you at the presentation of the book "Un amistad en juego", where its author Fernando Escobar is to participate in an interesting conversation with writer Francisco Leal.
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28th february 2018
The International Educational Opportunities Exhibition, AULA 2018, will be held as part of EDUCATION WEEK.Organised by IFEMA, it runs from 28 February to 4 March.
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26th february 2018
Skills for the 21st century: Educational innovation and inclusion
The Regional Ministry of Education and Culture for the Principality of Asturias, Universidad de Oviedo and the Santillana Foundation have organised the "Working Sessions on Educational Inclusion and Skills for the 21st Century", which will take place on 26 and 27 February 2018.
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6th february 2018
Mariano Jabonero is to give a speech in Quito on PISA for Development (PISA D) testing and international assessments
Invitation from the Instituto Nacional de Evaluación Educativa (INEVAL), the Santillana Foundation and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI)
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27th january 2018
SANTILLANA, the ATRESMEDIA Foundation and SAMSUNG, together for Education, at ¡Grandes Profes! (Great Teachers!) 2018
Curiosity in learning
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10th january 2018
25th Inter-American Congress on Catholic Education
The congress, organised by the Inter-American Catholic Education Confederation (CIEC), is sponsored by Santillana Colombia. This edition focuses on "Management for Learning, Innovation and Creativity".
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20th december 2017
EL PAÍS with your future
Discover the professions of the future and dare to find out more about your professional future. The event to inspire young people to choose their professional future. You can choose from three scenarios: I'm a science person, I'm an arts person, and I'm not sure.
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25th november 2017
SANTILLANA and LOQUELEO, Guadalajara International Book Fair 2017
The FIL, the second largest international book fair in the world after the Frankfurt book fair, Santillana and Loqueleo have shown the strength of the book industry.
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16th november 2017
The Annual Workshop of the Santillana Technology Network is back
Santillana's Global Educational Technology Area has invited suppliers of technological services and international experts to share their experiences of educational technology.
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16th november 2017
The Santillana Foundation looks forward to seeing you at its forthcoming festival
The new Ibero-American Children's and Young People's Literature Festival is to be held in Alcalá de Henares on 16 and 17 November. This edition will bring together leading Spanish-speaking authors and illustrators.
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4th october 2017
Santillana, present at LIBER 2017, the Spanish book fair
From today and until 6 October, Santillana showcases its digital offering and main new products at IFEMA. This edition pays tribute to Emiliano Martínez.
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25th september 2017
Join the #DupliquemosSoluciones (#LetsDoubleTheSolutions) campaign
Santillana invites you to join the campaign to rebuild schools and health centres after the terrible economic losses caused by the earthquakes in Mexico in September.
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27th april 2017
Santillana presents the awards for the School Reading Competition
The ceremony was organised by the Madrid Publishing Association and the Department for Education, Young People and Sport from the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The awards were given yesterday at the Prado Museum to the six schools who made it into the finals.
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21st april 2017
Presentation of the report on student well-being
Who are the happiest students and in which countries? The OECD, in collaboration with the OIJ (the International Youth Organisation for Ibero-America), and with the support of the Santillana Foundation, yesterday presented the third volume of the PISA Report.
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25th march 2017
Earth Hour schedules Lights Out for 25 March
Participate for the ninth year in the WWF's Earth Hour, the largest global movement for environment, which started in Sydney with the simple symbolic gesture of turning off the lights for one hour.
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23rd march 2017
Loqueleo at the Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBO 2017)
12 days of conferences, presentations, workshops and meetings with readers, at stand 503. Discover the full programme of activities arranged by Santillana Colombia.
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7th february 2017
Digital skill and personal transformation take centre stage at ¡Grandes Profes! (Great Teachers!)
More than 1,500 teachers from all over Spain attend ¡Grandes Profes! (Great Teachers!) 2017, the educational event organised by SANTILLANA, the ATRESMEDIA Foundation and SAMSUNG.
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3rd october 2016
Santillana launches Bejob, online training for digital employability
The labour market is experiencing a paradox: although there are millions of people unemployed in Spain and Latin America, businesses cannot find the workers they need.
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