Primary students can access SANTILLANA content through Alexa, Amazon's virtual voice service.
Pequeños Genios (Little Geniuses) enables pupils to revise the content of the science syllabus through word games
/ 23rd october 2018

An initiative promoted by SANTILLANA. Commitment to innovation with a single aim: improving students' learning.

Amazon Echo is a loudspeaker which connects through the cloud to Alexa, the virtual voice assistant from Amazon. Alexa has skills which make it possible to add new functions in order to create a more personalised experience. Through the “Pequeños Genios” skill, Santillana uses Amazon's technology to support learning. The users interact in Spanish to learn, in the initial stages, Natural Science content.

“We are making great strides with this project and will be expanding the materials in order to offer a wide range of possibilities to our users”, stated Iñaki Vélez de Guevara, global manager of Technological Architecture at Santillana.

In addition to Pequeños Genios, Santillana is continuing to work on new initiatives, developing new skills for other products for its educational ecosystems.

The aim of these skills is to enable teachers, students and parents to interact with the tools very simply, through voice interaction. 

With this initiative, SANTILLANA wants to position itself as an educational content company which uses artificial intelligence to improve education.