Eureka, an initiative for the creation of learning material from publisher Santillana
Called Eureka, this is a smart platform that enables teachers to easily and intuitively create learning materials at Early Childhood level.
/ 29th may 2019

CaThis innovative platform comes equipped with two different tools: Eureka Creamos and Eureka ¡Lo encontré!  The former allows teachers to create their own material such as worksheets, either from scratch or using templates that can be modified to adapt to the needs of each classroom. There are copybook templates available for children aged 2 to 5, copybooks on colors and pre-writing graphomotricity skills for children aged 0-3 and others for drawing and reading and writing (for children aged 3-6). With the launch of this tool, Santillana significantly reinforces the role of the teacher, allowing him or her to choose the most suitable template and modify it according to specific tastes or needs.

An added feature this year allows teachers to upload their own files so that they can prepare copyooks with their own images and customize them as they see fit. What’s more, teachers can work in a range of different languages: Spanish, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Basque and English. Eureka Creamos also allows teachers to create worksheets,  pre-writing graphomotricity and math workbooks, as well as to set the calligraphic font to be used in all the Santillana material, ensuring a professional look and quality across all material. 

The first step in the process is to submit a printing request for the number of copies required. The user will then receive a quote and, once this is accepted, the production process gets underway. Discounts are available, depending on the number of copies requested. Delivery of the finished product is guaranteed within two weeks. Two types of binding are available: spiral or loose sheets in a transparent folder.

Customizable resources

Meanwhile, Eureka ¡Lo encontré! is an archive of customizable and complementary learning resources in digital format. Audiovisual resources can be created for digital interactive whiteboards, and so on, and chosen according to the target area of ​​stimulation, the basic skills or the curricular subject. All copybooks and resources created with Eureka are stored on the platform and can be saved there for the next course, and / or be subsequently adapted to the needs of the new class.

With this latest initiative, publishing house Santilla not only reconfirms its commitment to the evolution of education and learning, while adapting its materials to the new needs of students and professors, but it also consolidates itself as the leading company in Spain and Latin America in the creation of educational content and services.