'Santillana Proyectos' receives the Comunicaciones Hoy award for best digital innovation initiative
/ 6th june 2019

The 'Santillana Proyectos' platform, developed by NEORIS for Santillana Spain, has been honored at the 11th edition of theComunicaciones Hoy Awards. The monthly Spanish IT sector magazine, widely regarded in the corporate sector, gave 'Santillana Proyectos' the award for best technological project in the 'Transformation / Digital Innovation' category, handed out this year for the first time along with the award for 'IoT / Industry 4.0'.
“We have developed a completely new concept, an interactive portal that combines information with a collaborative approach, and which allows a cutting-edge learning methodology to be brought to the classroom –  project-based learning,” said José Manuel Cerezo, Editorial Director of Digital Products at Santillana “The Comunicaciones Hoy award, which we are proud to accept, is proof that our choice of direction for innovation was the correct one, innovation that Santillana has always been committed to. To achieve our goals, collaboration with Neoris has been key.”

“It is a real honor for us to receive this prestigious recognition, and above all to accept it as partners with Santillana, with whom we have been collaborating for several years to promote the digitalization of education", said Miguel Acero, Associate Director of Telco & Media at NEORIS. "We hope that this just is the first of many such awards to come our way in recognition of the constant co-creation we pursue with our clients in terms of innovation."

A virtual and interactive environment to optimize student learning

'Santillana Proyectos' is a learning platform based on a virtual and interactive environment that uses copybooks of the same name. Its chief advantage is that it encourages the active participation of students through interaction with content. The platform is also adapted to new consumer trends by being available on demand and in real time.

The portal allows students to access and consult all the materials necessary to carry out their projects, such as videos, documents, images and lessons or interactive exercises, among others. In addition, it fosters a spirit of collaboration and teamwork through its space for exchange aimed at work groups, which allows users to organize, follow up and share their progress with the rest of their colleagues.

The platform is available in a number of languages, and its contents, design and level of interaction are adapted to accompany the student throughout the entire primary school stage.

A fundamental part of 'Santillana Proyectos' and one which ensures the success of the platform is the management tool, based on a scalable and efficient architecture that allows Santillana's collaborators to create learning projects in just a few minutes, at any time and from any mobile device, thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface.

About Santillana
Santillana is the leading education-sector company in Spain and Latin America in the creation of educational content and services. In an environment of digital and pedagogical transformation, it is committed to innovation, support for the entire education community, and the development of skills and competencies that improve student learning and prepare them for the challenges of today's society.
NEORIS is a global digital services company that designs innovative solutions for companies seeking to enhance interactions with their customers, employees and other key audiences through digital transformation strategies. Based in Miami, Florida (USA), NEORIS has a global network of offices, innovation centers and operations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.