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Santillana Global
29 january 2021
Recommendations about Phishing
Phishing is one of the scamming techniques most used by cyber criminals. It affects many users and entities from both the public and private sector.
12 february 2020
Richmond Publishing Partners with MetaMetrics to Create New Reading Tests for COMPASS Reading Program for Young English Language Learners
New assessments will link students to reading materials and track growth as they build English language skills
3 october 2019
4 th of October | EnlightEd
A live!
2 october 2019
3 rd of October | Enlighted
A live!
1 september 2019
2nd of October | EnlightEd
A live!
5 august 2019
Coming soon new corporate report of Santillana: Creating value in education
This report highlights especially the most significant projects and social responsibility actions addressed by the company.
Santillana Global
6 june 2019
'Santillana Proyectos' receives the Comunicaciones Hoy award for best digital innovation initiative
20 may 2019
What does every student have in common?
Talent. 100 percent of students have talent. That’s the statistic and the idea behind the Santillana campaign, "Awaken their potential", which takes the form of a web space aimed at nurturing student talent.
El Economista
29 may 2019
Eureka, an initiative for the creation of learning material from publisher Santillana
Called Eureka, this is a smart platform that enables teachers to easily and intuitively create learning materials at Early Childhood level.
Santillana GLobal
19 may 2019
Creativity – and a passion for a new ways of learning
13 february 2019
SantillanaLAB launches “Educators Around The World”
An initiative that gives a voice to educational establishments which are transforming learning
3 march 2019
Women in the spotlight, we have a lot to talk about
Santillana España has launched the Mujeres Protagonistas project which offers a comprehensive, real vision of the space occupied by women in knowledge development in the past and at the current time
13 february 2019
Santillana contributes to improving learning with the help of Microsoft
Analysing the data facilitates more personalised learning and the creation of richer content that evolves with the pace set by each school
25 december 2018
Santillana and Microsoft contribute to improving learning through data analytics
Analysing the data permits more personalised learning and the creation of better content that evolves with the pace demanded by each school
23 october 2018
Primary students can access SANTILLANA content through Alexa, Amazon's virtual voice service.
Pequeños Genios (Little Geniuses) enables pupils to revise the content of the science syllabus through word games
18 october 2018
The first Santillana Puerto Rico Expo brings together teachers from the country to highlight the importance of reading comprehension skills
Ediciones Santillana held its first Expo on 27 September with the topic “Reading Comprehension: a path to enrich knowledge in all areas of learning”.
3 september 2018
Santillana returns to LIBER with more digital innovations and more children's and young people's literature books
LIBER ’18 kicked off yesterday at Fira Barcelona.
30 november -0001
More than 8 million students go back to school throughout Spain, while SANTILLANA updates its range.
Countdown for the well-known ‘back to school’ stage and
31 august 2018
“Diversity Awareness”, the challenge from Santillana Chile to support the building of inclusive schools
Santillana Ted Talks
22 august 2018
Javier Laría: "piracy, the economic situation and methodological diversity affect the functioning of the sector"
The General Manager of Santillana Perú analyses the current situation of the textbook sector and how it is evolving.
ADN Político
31 july 2018
UNOi Mexico, the strategy that anticipated the new educational model from the SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública)
Through a scheme in which students generate knowledge based on experiences, it is how a movement re-develops the way of teaching.
17 july 2018
María Victoria Angulo, the new Minister of Education in Colombia
Angulo, who took part in Santillana's Líderes Compartir, says that a school headteacher should be “not just an educational leader, but above all a great social activator”.
28 june 2018
#UnMejorFuturoParaElPaís (#ABetterFutureForTheCountry) is already up and running in Mexico and Colombia
Over 600 children took part in different social activities
24 june 2018
The 8th SANTILLANA International Congress 2018 brought together close to 900 teachers
Transforming schooling into the future” had the main aim of enabling participants to understand the importance of their role as school leaders
22 june 2018
The frenzy over the Russia World Cup is experienced at SANTILLANA thousands of miles away
Our SANTILLANA headquarters in Argentina and Colombia take to the field.
12 june 2018
SANTILLANA signs an agreement with Vista Higher Learning for the sale of the assets and operations of its subsidiary in the USA
SANTILLANA USA specialises in Spanish as a second language
5 june 2018
SANTILLANA Ecuador signs a framework agreement for inter-institutional cooperation with Universidad Internacional SEK
The aim of the agreement is to carry out joint teaching and research activities, as well as activities to extend and disseminate culture.
16 may 2018
Interview Jordi Sierra i Fabra
We are all dreamers, and therefore seekers. We seek, crave, fight… Right from the start I knwo that this had to be the title of the novel
16 may 2018
SANTILLANA COMPARTIR donates $11,000 to the NGO TECHO to help the academic and social development of children and young people in impoverished circumstances in Latin America
"#UnMejorFuturoParaElPaís" campaign - Delivery of donation
Santillana Technology Network
15 may 2018
SANTILLANA, finalist at the Learning Impact Awards with Aprendizaje Eficaz
Vote to help us win
9 may 2018
TOEFL tests: a step towards international certifications
Santillana Panamá, always committed to the academic excellence of our students, launched the application process for the ETS exams: TOEFL Junior and TOEFL Primary, at around 15 schools in the country.
10 april 2018
Miguel Barrero, the new Director of Education for Fundación Santillana
He will combine this role with that of leading RD&I at the company
10 april 2018
Aprendemos Juntos
An educational project for a better life
8 march 2018
Ensuring it doesn't only stay in books
Santillana promotes gender equality in classrooms with the collection called "El papel de las mujeres" ("The role of women")
7 march 2018
We celebrate our anniversary with a new website. We invite you to take a look
SANTILLANA Chile presents its new web page with content and resources in line with the current challenges of our students and teachers
6 march 2018
And to commemorate it, it is acknowledging the dedication of all the teachers who make it possible with the campaign "10 años, 10 propósitos" ("10 years, 10 goals").
22 february 2018
A new web page for our passion for learning
We present our updated web page to the entire Santillana Perú community.
SANTILLANA Ecuador Informa
15 february 2018
'PISA will let them know in which areas Ecuador has to improve'
Santillana organised a discussion on PISA and international assessments in Ecuador with Mariano Jabonero, president of Santillana Foundation
4 february 2018
Discover 21 skills from VEINTIUNO, the new brand from SANTILLANA for the pupils of today
Educational expert Carlos Magro, co-author of the report, talks to us about the skills schools need to address the problems with which life confronts us now and in the future
2 february 2018
"Aprendemos juntos" ("Let's learn together"), a project to improve people's lives
EL PAÍS, BBVA and Santillana launch a platform to foster educational conversation through inspiring stories and new teaching methodologies aimed at the entire community
31 january 2018
We should become giraffes
What does a giraffe have in common with a news anchor or self-taught filmmaker, with storytelling on Twitter, or with a pineapple, a lion, a wand...?
29 january 2018
“The cooperation model for Latin America has to be changed right now”
Mariano Jabonero, the Director of Education of the Santillana Foundation, is the Spanish government's candidate for succeeding Brazilian Paulo Speller on 23 April as Secretary General of the Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI, the Organization of Ibero-American States).
27 january 2018
Curiosity makes learning easy
¡Grandes Profes! (Great Teachers!) 2018 confirms its success with record high participation
27 november 2017
Great recognition for the Vivalectura Award
The Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación (the Ministry of Culture) in Argentina has decided to declare the 2018 edition of the VIVALECTURA Award, due to take place during May 2018 as part of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, of cultural interest.
El País
16 october 2017
Emiliano Martínez / Vice President of the Santillana Foundation: "Publishing is fascinating!"
El Liber pays tribute to his career due to "his corporate and professional vocation".
20 july 2017
The academies of the Spanish language prepare a pan-Hispanic school dictionary
The Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española (ASALE, the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language) and SANTILLANA have signed an agreement for the "production, publishing and distribution of a pan-Hispanic school dictionary".
Vivlium and Santillana
30 may 2017
SANTILLANA launches over 250 videos aimed at students preparing for the Spanish university entrance exams
Santillana is making over 250 videos available to students at university entrance level to help them revise for the Spanish language and literature and mathematics exams of the EBAU Spanish university entrance examinations (Evaluación de Bachillerato para el Acceso a la Universidad).
15 february 2017
Vote for Santillana, candidate in the European Business Awards!
A candidate in the Innovation category, the company aspires to being declared the National Public Champion.
Cadena SER
30 may 2017
The IES Comendador Juan de Távora secondary school, finalist in “Vamos a aprender” ("We're going to learn")
The participating secondary schools are starting to take their positions in the “Vamos a aprender” competition organised by the Cadena SER radio station along with E. Leclerc Hipermarkets and Santillana.
30 may 2017
Dr. J. Robert Swartz at Santillana's Saber Fer Forum
Santillana Baleares, in conjunction with Radio Mallorca, has the pleasure of inviting you to the talk "Learning based on thought" to be given by Dr. Robert Swartz on Saturday, 29 April, at the Palma Auditorium, as part of the "Fórum Saber Fer. Compromís amb l'educació" organised by Santillana Baleares.
4 january 2017
Santillana teams up with SEO/Birdlife
Santillana teams up with the SEO Spanish Bird Society, as part of the project entitled "alzando el vuelo" ("taking wing"), which is aimed at the conservation of the Spanish imperial eagle.
7 march 2017
Santillana launches the second edition of the Educatividad Awards
This competition identifies the most talented e-vocation teachers who apply the best educational practices.