'PISA will let them know in which areas Ecuador has to improve'
'PISA will let them know in which areas Ecuador has to improve'
Santillana organised a discussion on PISA and international assessments in Ecuador with Mariano Jabonero, president of Santillana Foundation
/ 15th february 2018


The discussion on the PISA model and international assessments has taken place, in which the director of the Santillana Foundation and current candidate for the position of Secretary General of the Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI, the Organization of Ibero-American States), Mariano Jabonero, talked about the educational reality in the region and the characteristics of international assessments.

Appearing on behalf of INEVAL (Instituto Nacional de Evaluación Educativa) were its Executive Director, Josette Arévalo, and its Research Coordinator, Cristina Llerena. The presentation was led by Natalia Armijos, Director and Permanent Representative of the OEI in Ecuador. The event took place in the Ciespal auditorium and was attended by people linked to the country’s education and assessment sector.

In his talk, Mariano Jabonero highlighted that assessment in the region is a recent process going back no more than 20 years, and that through assessment it is possible to find out results, achieve improvements and establish educational policies.