Santillana and Microsoft contribute to improving learning through data analytics
Analysing the data permits more personalised learning and the creation of better content that evolves with the pace demanded by each school
/ 25th december 2018

• The use of Microsoft tools to analyse the data enables Santillana to obtain the traceability of the consumption of digital content by students and get to know the schools better.
• Knowing what content is used, how often it is used and how long is spent on it, among other data, offers valuable information to improve learning.
• Santillana began its strategic commitment to “data” three years ago and today it is part of the company's DNA. Revenue from educational systems with a high digital component already amounts to more than 26% of the total.


The over 28 million users who teach and learn in Latin America and Spain with Santillana's educational content and services and the 2.2 million people who use its digital ecosystems on a recurring basis represent a living observatory of trends and experiences for the company, which when monitored, through analysis and data viewing systems, enables Santillana to understand students' real needs better and to create more efficient content.

“Democratising access to the data is one of the keys to achieving the efficient digital transformation of the company”,  said Enrique Martínez, global manager for Digital Services and Technology.

Using the data, it is possible to closely monitor the behaviour and use made by students of the digital content at their schools and colleges, tracking how they interact on a school subject and with a specific teacher. It also makes it possible to find out which subject on the syllabus causes them most difficulty and to analyse students’ abilities in an exercise or area.


The ultimate goal is to have more personalised information to enable teaching staff to tackle each student's learning difficulties more efficiently. And for Santillana, to develop content that meets those different learning needs and speeds.


Data analytics, the core of Santillana's digital strategy

Santillana started to implement its internal strategy around data three years ago, with the incorporation and consolidation of the company's digital and blended offerings. One of the most remarkable aspects of Microsoft's technological proposition is its integrated solutions ecosystem, which makes it possible to store, process and consult the usage data for the digital content in the 15+ countries where the organisation operates, with the highest guarantees as regards safety and regulatory compliance in each of the regions. 

 Another factor on which Santillana's digital transformation is based is the knowledge and data analysis capacity offered to the entire organisation by Microsoft Power BI, a powerful, multi-platform Business Intelligence tool. According to Fernando Sánchez, global manager for Data & Analytics at Santillana:

“Having made available to the company's different business units a precise analytic system that correlates information about a school, on the one hand enables more accurate decisions to be made based on objective facts and not on intuition and, on the other, digital and educational solutions that are adapted to the pace of schools' requirements and their real educational demand”.